Expert Partners

The University of Auckland has a contract to deliver Expert Partner support to leaders of Communities of Learning to help build collaborative practice and to support leaders and schools to meet their achievement challenges.

The University of Auckland team of Expert Partners has a wide scope of expertise.

We can:

  • work as learning partners and critical friends in the process of learning about CoL/ Kāhui Ako development needs;
  • offer guidance and expertise in a priority area nominated by a CoL/ Kāhui Ako
  • conduct CoL/ Kāhui Ako development needs analyses and report on overall key learning, trends, issues and risks.

An Expert Partner will work with CoL leaders, and others, as a critical friend to help strengthen:

  • evidence gathering practices
  • critical data analysis skills
  • problem definition
  • evidence-informed action planning.

Their support will help CoLs to keep on track as they develop robust and quality achievement challenges and then develop associated, evidence informed plans that will accelerate student achievement.

Expert partners will provide a fresh look at the evidence and challenge assumptions to support CoLs to remain focused on the things that potentially will have the best impact on lifting student achievement.

For more information, please visit the Expert Partners page on the University of Auckland  PLD website.